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Problem, Tolik: all those factors are affecting the Hispanic population just as much as the non-Hispanic white population in the US. Pollution, drinking, and lack of exercise affect us all, regardless of race. But look at the chart again, and way down in the middle of the other countries, you’ll also find the US Hispanic population – in a declining death rate along with everybody else except US non-Hispanic whites. Cholesterol problems with Hispanics – check. Heart problems with Hispanics – check. Overweight Hispanics – check. Stressed out Hispanics – check. Cancer among Hispanics – check. But only the non-Hispanic white folks are seriously increasing in death rates during middle-age (“largely accounted for by increasing death rates from drug and alcohol poisonings, suicide, and chronic liver diseases and cirrhosis,” according to the main article). And blacks, who historically have been far worse off than whites with poor health and longevity, are quickly closing the gap, per the research. So all those factors you mentioned are not variables, they’re constants. What’s the variable? Genetics? Gummint plot? Monsanto plot? White lives don’t matter? Something else? We just know it isn’t the factors you mentioned, because they’re a constant for everybody.

What’s different about all the Mr., Mrs., and Ms. Ramirez folks vs. all the Mr., Mrs., or Ms. O’Malley folks living in sunny downtown Phoenix, AZ, USA, that’s causing the non-Hispanic white folks to be checking out of this life during their middle-age years at a rate far higher than they “should” be, after many years of increasing longevity? It’s a variable – something that isn’t the same across all the other racial groups as well.