I don’t really feel “safe” with female police officers and Marines. OK it’s going to taker time, just look at the average American female age 18-25 REALLY not ready to trust them in men’s roles.

There are some very fit smart capable young women out there that I’d trust and more than a few young men I wouldn’t. It all comes down to the person. I have a brilliant 22 year old niece who turned down a free ride to Auburn University to go to the local Community College instead on account she wanted to be a Sheriff’s Deputy just like her Dad. She is mature beyond her years, an old soul in a young body. She is a volunteer Fire Fighter and an EMT too.

Excellent!!! Sounds like a lady I’d be proud to have backing me up, were I still packing tin.

I worked with several Ladies, and I do call them Ladies, who were excellent LEO’s.
More than once I backed their plays, and they backed mine.
One time we went into a bar fight, one Deputy got into it with a 6’4″ drunk who took a chair after her.
And just like watching Pete Rose, she swung for the stands and drug his unconscious butt out by the heels on her own.
Did I mention she literally weighed half of what he did?

Front line troops? Not my choice, but I’d prefer they weren’t there.
Too distracting as so many suddenly want to put on their shiny macho armor to either impress or defend said female and get stupid or killed.