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Freedom, the Huckser is as dishonest as they come. I choose not to get into the specifics of it in a public discussion, but I have very specific reasons to never trust the guy. He’s a slick as they come – looks like such a nice, decent man. Don’t buy it for a second!

Santorum? Watch out for him. He’d trample the Constitution in a moment for HIS issues. Whether I tend to agree with him on the moral issues, I have heard enough out of him to be quite antsy about his willingness to follow constitutional rights even when he doesn’t like the outcome. If we trample those, we trample the whole basis for what this nation was supposed to be (approached, but never really achieved, and now on the downhill something fierce).

Not vote? I’ve decided against that. I’ll hold off the final defeat as long as I can help do so, by voting for the lesser of two evils, as much as I hate that. Third party? No way in the general election at the national level – unless there was overwhelming evidence that a real chance existed for the right 3rd party candidate to actually win. That would be another wasted vote. Ron Paul did the right thing by coming back to the Republican Party when he did. He did not want to pull a Ross Perot and hand the election to another liberal democrat.

Tolik (and others), I propose the non-use of the term communist (upper or lower case) when it comes to people. There are few ideological communists even in existence, and certainly not in politics. I propose that we switch to what ELSE was going on in the Communist Manifesto. Not only did it explain communism as an ideology, it also carefully wove in what Marx and Engels were REALLY after (and what all “communist” systems since have been after): a totalitarian regime of the few and the subjection of the masses. That theme is far more subtle in the first three chapters, but in the last chapter of only 3/4 of one page, it’s quite apparent. Marxism is what’s really going on, not communism. Marxism is the destructive force that is moving against any and all governments. It is all about money and power. I view it much as I do too many “non-profit” agencies. Oh, they don’t need to make a profit! They merely plow all their excesses back into the business. Of course, “excess” is what they have AFTER the CEO, CFO, and a few others get their obscenely high salaries. They exist for the benefit of their overseers, and the common people work at lower salaries while the officers make all the money. An excellent example of this concept on the Republican side is Elizabeth Dole. Did you hear how she voluntarily gave up her $200,000 salary at the American Red Cross her first year there? Did you also hear about the $1 million “contribution” Archer Daniels Midland made to the Red Cross immediately after she was installed? Or the $875,000 in “speaking fees” she made that year? It’s Marxism we’re dealing with, not “communism.” The latter cannot exist because of greed, and the former successfully exists because of greed – the end result being the never ending quest for ultimate power and gain (material wealth).

Thus, in the general election, I will likely have to always hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils as a delaying tactic. Primaries are an entirely different story, including cross-voting (legal in our state since party affiliation is no longer asked for).