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All groups have suffered declining employment from the depressed state of the economy (whose fault is that?), but this is the group that has been disproportionately displaced from the US labor market, courtesy (a) unrestricted alien labor at below-market wage rates that Americans burdened with (what once was “normal”) indebtedness could not stay solvent, and (b) “affirmative” action of all sorts, aimed at “affirming” that specific target group out of education and employment.

Couple the governmentally-contrived partial ban on their employment with the (governmental) “wildly successful prohibition (sales campaign) on drugs,” and the (governmentally-sanctioned) ubiquity of frankenfood, especially high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and GMOs in everything from soda pop to beef stew, it’s no surprise that this target group would get the worst of it.

But then, there’s no safe way to ignore what a government under the control of your enemies does.

Cry, "Treason!"