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For those that thought I posted off topic, my apology for the appearance. I guess I was reacting to the “duh!” factor on bogus passports. What did anybody expect? And I was most certainly reacting to the “Trump is right” theme that seems so prevalent these days (not just here). Trump may be “right” on a number of issues, but that’s not the point – the point is that he’s in play for a reason, and I strongly suspect that’s to ensure a Hillary (or whichever Democratic Socialist end up being the nominee) victory next November. The fake passport issue is a no-brainer, and was being reported weeks ago when they caught the folks with bogus Syrian passports along the Honduran border (I think it was), and also coming through the US border check point. It’s old news, and should not be at all surprising to anyone.

As for the passports, note that the story also says the covers were printed in Russia.