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We’re being set up – and not the way most anybody thinks. Consider the following:

Trump initially wouldn’t pledge loyalty to the Republican Party in the first debate. But he later announced a change.

Trump has been saying outrageous things and seems to be able to get away with it according to the polls (if we can believe them – I don’t, in general).

Now all of a sudden, Trump is saying that he MIGHT re-consider his pledge to the Republican Party, and consider a 3rd party run.

And just as suddenly, the RNC is ALREADY talking about a brokered convention before the first primary has even been held. That’s a move to oust Trump if there’s no clear majority at the Convention, but a situation where Trump has a substantial minority of votes. They would not need to be talking about it openly this early unless they intended to signal their intentions. It’s all a game – not of the entertainment variety, but with far more serious consequences, of course (like Pentagon war games).

Trump will have his signature temper tantrum, bolt the Party, and all Hillary will need is 50.01% of the vote. Could it happen? I suspect it’s in the process of being engineered even as we speak. I don’t believe Trump ever wanted to be President anyway. It’s not who/what he is. And he certainly was/is no conservative. What was done to the cause of liberty through what was done to Ron Paul during the Primary season, followed by the rules changes on day-1 of the 2012 Convention, will potentially be no more outrageous than what they’re doing (just in different ways) to – and with – Trump. My own personal belief is that it is all with his knowledge – and I believe with his participation in all of this as well..