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um use a mouse trap, so much food where i am why eat mouse/rat can get grouse rabbits they scatter away when doing chores on property carry a sling shot for dinner….. apple fed deer is good too…. as for eating stuff um have eaten roaches to stay alive they taste like chemical paste **** and are bacteria loaded need a lot of water to wash fouls taste out. worms slugs and other insects like ants more palatable. Keeping a weasel gets rid of the rodents and all i feed them is a small breakfast sausage and occasionally an egg they have not killed any of my chickens or as far as i can tell taken an egg.

as far as stuff with me all day everyday have knives axes and other farm stuff at hand or very close by.

killing rats too much energy just use peanut butter to lure and trap chasing a waste of time.

um for de ice use a heated key trick you do carry a fire source if worse come to worse you can use body heated key de icer is a wasted luxury