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Freedom, I honestly thought it would happen by the end of 2012 (just AFTER the election), or early 2013. But here we are, still being pumped along on life support. I’ve backed off from predicting time frames (even to myself), because I’m simply flabbergasted at how far they’ve been able to manipulate the “economy” along. But if martial law comes to pass (and I’m not at all willing to rule it out under several possible scenarios), I suspect it would come because of either the real crisis being finally allowed to happen before the election, or else a manufactured crisis as an excuse to declare martial law. If it happens afterwards, it could be declared if needed, but I suspect that if a new President had been deemed “fairly” elected, they would probably allow him to take over in January 2017 if for no other reason than to have an appearance of the continuation of the United States as a basically constitutional government – gotta keep the illusions going, don’tchaknow! We may well have all kinds of controls, but if full martial law occurs, I don’t think the election would happen.

I was just about to post something very related to the original article here, but will put that in a separate post so as to keep the two sub-threads separate.