I thought about a lot of things today. About lazy people, even the ones that’s too lazy to think or make up their minds for themselves. And the evil ones that simply take. Not only take but hurt and kill. They are the ones that will suffer the day they die, the ones we should feel sorry for.

I feel good after I’ve done something, work that I’ve been trying to finish. I am excited when there is a possibility that I can do something for myself for a few hours. Even if that means hard labour in the summer heat that’s going to make me thirsty and really tired. Work is good for the soul – it actually makes you happy.

Old people that safed money and looked after the few things they worked for during their life… lazy young people now look at them and think it is not fair that they’ve got a vehicle and a house and a so many trees with fruit. They kill them simply because “its not fair” . They are not willing to barter. Not to work and then get paid for it. Not even to not kill if begged to take everything, but do not hurt us