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74, that list can be a bit misleading. It includes Massachusetts which restricts those rights severely. Concealed Carry permits are subject to approval of the local police chief who does not need a reason to deny them. Gun groups maintain lists of which Towns are gun friendly and which are not. Gun owners must notify their local police and the State if they change addresses and if to a different Town also notify the police of the Town they are moving to. Unless you have the gun on your person it must be inoperable either by a trigger lock or being in a safe. That means keeping a loaded gun in your nightstand when you go to bed is illegal. Guns may not be stored in the same place as ammo. The only guns that can be sold in MA are those makes and models specifically approved by the State Attorney General. They recognize nobody else’s gun licenses and it is a mandatory year in jail if you are caught with a gun in MA without a MA license. This is why MA State govt does not like Vermont where there is no licensing at all (and we inconveniently for them have a far lower crime rate than they have in MA).

Did I say how happy I am to have moved to VT?