Leopard – at the very end of the film you can barely make out the place where I lived from 1984 to 1987. Well, my stuff was there but I was in and out. Nice gated complex of 9 houses. Had a pool! From poolside you walked down some steps to the beach. Sunset Beach (Pipeline) was about 50 meters to the left. To the right was what is called “The Backyards.” Nothing but large rocks and coral. When I had parties I would tell my military friends not to eat the brownies. My local friends made them with pot inside.

Talking to my Wednesday night group last night. Turns out one of the members son just moved to Cape Town. I didn’t know he was even thinking of going there. I gave his Mother a sanitized version of what was happening in SA. Gave her the links to IOL online publications. She will catch on quick.