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I do have some rounds, but mostly coinage. I have both junk (pre 64 coins) and new Eagles.

For rounds I bought Sunshine minting because of the handy verification seals that reveal “valid” under their plastic decoding window. Stamped right into the silver. So it is very unlikely that someone would question that they’re real. However, I accept the risk that Joe Public might not take them anyway, which is why they’re a small portion of my stash. I wouldn’t go for any of the other mints to be honest.

Best stick to commonly recognized coinage, as said by others (US and Canadian Mints are obviously best around the US and Canada). I believe gold will be good for bribes. I’ve got the 1/10th oz gold eagles so I can bribe sparingly haha.

I don’t have much of the stuff and quite frankly am not worried about being robbed as a result. Also, it’s well hidden and protected… not to mention entering my home unannounced is a serious safety hazard.