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Although I disagree with the whole pretense of banning certain firearms due to their looks and intended purpose, I feel that we originally were hosed by this from laws passed back in the 1930’s to restrict such things as “tommy guns,” BAR’s and the sort. We blindly accepted this as an worthwhile compromise of our rights and now Pandora’s Box has been opened. Many rulings reference those laws and since they have not been taken to the Supreme Court we are left to suffer the addition overreaching generations later.

I really don’t see why we can’t have such firearms without dealing with tax stamps and the sort. Any argument that includes the words “public safety” already lost because there is no viable to way to isolate that statistic to check the delta. Substitutes to the fully auto firearm will skew any data and considering physical pummeling is the mechanism of more lethal confrontations every year than “assault weapons” the whole argument is a moot point.