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Tec, you pretty much said it. About the only two things I’d add would be that he said it quite clearly – people didn’t understand it – he was here to “fundamentally transform America.” That he’s done. And the part about that which most people have no clue about (because they’ve never even heard about it) is that it aligns almost perfectly with the Cloward Piven strategy.

Freedom, important to remember (and understand) is that Obama is NOT an upper-case “Communist.” First, that philosophy, as a functional way of living, is not achievable because of perhaps one thing alone: greed. Personally, I find it very un-useful to even use the word “communist” much these days, because it will be ridiculed immediately by those on the other “side” (whatever the heck that means anymore). And most people today have been conditioned to associate “communism” with failed systems of government that have faded into nothing more than history books. Though I personally see it as a function of fundamental evil, IF a term relating to some “system” is to be used, I’d prefer to call it Marxism, since Marx (and Engels) authored the relatively modern version of it 167 years ago. But don’t spend any significant time on the first three chapters. STUDY, ponder, re-read and re-study the final chapter. It will take you all of two minutes to read even if you’re an exceptionally slow reader, because unlike the first three chapters, it is only 3/4 of one page long. But therein is the real meat, and the give-away to what it’s all really about. Marx calls for the destruction of both the social and political order EVERYWHERE, by whatever means are necessary.. Barack Hussein Obama said he’d bankrupt coal-fired electrical plants, despite the fact that we depend on them currently. He said he’d fundamentally transform America. He’s largely accomplished that. The next 13 months scare the bejeebers out of me. He knows he can do almost anything he wants with his “cell phone and a pen,” and he’ll do it. The Constitution is no factor for him, and the Supremes won’t stop him, nor will Congress. But remember that Obama is merely one of the many “chosen” useful idiots being used to carry out a much greater agenda, understood by few, and much to the world’s detriment. Money and power. Money and power. Money and power. And when they’re ready, Obama will be cast aside and be of little if any value to anyone except his adoring groupies. Heck – he could probably start a new church and would become even more wealthy (he HAS to be wealthy to afford what he wants to move into in Hawaii, post-presidency). Islam and communism inform his philosophies, but it goes way beyond either of those. The one thing that is certain is that HE thinks he’s far more important in it all than he really is. And true narcissistic personality disorders can become extremely dangerous (rivaling the old “psychopaths” now better known as “anti-social personality disorders).