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It is nice to know that at least some LE personnel are on the side of the Constitution and sanity.

BUT: Also keep in mind what technology is now available to these same folks. This photo is 4½ years old (there’s been much technology advancement since then). It shows approximately 700,000 people at a rally in Canada for game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup finals.


This technology is neither sate of the art, or new. To be amazed, either click your mouse on a given point in the photo, or move your mouse pointer to a specific spot, or use your mouse wheel to zoom in at any point in the picture – and then keep zooming. And then keep zooming.

How easy is it to be picked out of a crowd, particularly with facial recognition technology that they have today?

And do you suspect that they’re allowing the general public to see their top of the line imagery capabilities?

Remember that just one of the methods they used to break the case of that Illinois cop that claimed to have been chasing two white guys and a black guy, was his email. They went through HUNDREDS of text messages he’d sent, and over 30,000 (!) emails (if memory is correct, it was either 32,000 or 35,000). I don’t even know if I’ve EVER sent 35,000 emails, and I’ve been on the internet almost since it became generally available to the public. So – ask yourself how they managed to go back and analyze over 30,000 of just one person’s emails.

Medical records? Financial transactions? Email? Whereabouts (through cell phone and facial recognition)? Background checks? Unique computer identifier when you log on? IP address whenever you’re on line? And therefore, what web sites you’ve EVER visited for any reason? What emails you’ve sent, and to whom? Just what is it that they DON’T know about you, and can pull up very quickly if/when they truly want to.