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Hey ! we older guys are good for holding fixed positions , freeing up the others to do what they need to do . If you can shoot and have the determination to hold , your useful .

Amen Tolik. My Father and I already seized upon that. I said, Dad, you hold the center and keep them busy, take ‘em out if you can. But stay alive. The other youngins and I will make the offensive moves and attack their weak flank(s).

Back on topic, USD dominance is indeed fading, but that’s not what’s concerning here. The fact is that ALL fiat currency is tied together, and is dying. The USD is just the leader of the pack. Yes, the BRICS are attempting to insulate themselves against the inevitable implosion of the US and its financial system… but they’re still going to be hit hard. I predict the US will be hit hardest in many ways because the change/collapse will be most dramatic to us.

Note: due to preparedness growing, we may be able to offset the catastrophe a bit.