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This is just hypothetical, and I sure don’t want to be planting ideas in anyone’s powerhungry head, but consider the relationship between two government databases, (1) the existing (and arbitrary) “No-Fly” list, allegedly for terrorist suspects, though seemingly unassuming and (at least, physically) harmless people have turned up on it, and (2) the proposed (and duplicate) “No-Buy” list, whose membership would be automatically forbidden to buy firearms (or perhaps any number of other items, depending on current wind direction and velocity, temperature, humidity, or feverishness of presidential brow.

If one’s ID gets entered into the first database, so is it also immediately digitally replicated on the second.
And surely, if anyone ought to be prevented from purchasing any of the forbidden items, might not the argument be extended to say that any such individual ought also to have person, vehicle(s), and premises immediately searched, and any item on the forbidden list confiscated? Voila! Instant, and individualized firearms confiscation! No need for a sweeping new unconstitutional law outlawing all weapons at once — separate entry of individuals onto the list would amount to an individualized bill of attainder. Go get John’s weapons, but leave his neighbors, Charlie and Mike, alone, for a while. (We’ll get to them later, after John’s been disarmed.) Disarming the nation, one citizen at a time. What a concept!

Of course, our constitutional scholar pretendsident would never try anything like that.

Cry, "Treason!"