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MB, Bingo! Of course we’re not going to hear ANY reporting on that fiasco, now that every single major “news” outlet was part of the invasion and looting of that apartment, complete with one or more dogs and several small kids. Every network had a named individual in front of a camera in that apartment, and anything they now say that was “wrong” with that event, will be self-implicating. “Hey – ABCNBCCBSMSNBCFOXNPR – what are your thoughts about the opening up of the couple’s apartment without any controls over what could be touched, photographed, recorded, removed, etc.?” Response: “On the advice of network attorneys, I invoke my 5th Amendment right.”

Have you noticed how virtually ALL coverage of that apartment invasion (except for still shots of a few documents on a table, with no reference to how those photos came to be) has ceased? That puppy’s dead! Even if it’s prosecuted, what network would DARE report it? And Andrea Mitchell will keep her job as a top reporter….