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Thanks Robin. The elevation feature on google earth is very handy. His property is down in the valley and I was able to see that it is at about 1,100′. More importantly between his property and what constitutes the center of his town or further away in the nearest “big” town the elevation only varies up and down by a couple hundred feet. The valley that all of this is in is blocked in by small mountains rising to about 3000′ with his property butted up against one side of the valley. While this relatively flat terrain between him and the places in the valley where there would be towers, his land is fulled wooded and has lots of trees more than 100′ high….old white pines and various hardwoods. The lumber for the house will come off of the property but the guy who will cut and mill them told me many of the trees are just too big to process. The trees thus might be the biggest reception inhibitor from that site. We’ll know when the house gets built. The project got put on hold when his wife was in that head on collision a few months ago which she is still recovering from. The hope is to proceed next Spring.