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ask yourself how they managed to get all the equipment? all top of the line USA stuff? did i say air power basic fact of war your strong against their weak hence air over land but you cant hold land with air only. The reason russia is having an easy time is the NATO nation have pulled support as not to be seen helping ISIL their own creation for public relations and dropping pamphlets saying we are going to bomb you. WHY do you think 6 months of nato bombs and no retreat?How long can a unit fight without resupply not long field ops a week max usually 1-2 days or 1-3 hours of intense fighting a base a week why do you think there are 10+ support to one fighter? russians have been bombing a month now taking out oil trucks and refineries… do you think they came back empty?

when isil started in the news they managed to wipe out assads troops in less than two weeks including armor. air was not a part of it because of nato no fly http://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=syria it is ranked 42

1.8 billion in spending from syria per year ground only wiped it out in 2 weeks? with untrained troops? where did they get armor? transport? logistics ? if free weapons who is supplier? how did it get there?

yeah it destroys the stuff on top 74 you wonder why the main air base in iraq http://www.army.mil/article/32692/Soldiers_learn_biblical_history_at_Al_Asad_Air_Base/
they had archeologist digging there during war

3 world leaders go to afghanistan unannounced in one week its for the troops and some pottery shards sure…..obama dec 3 cameron 7th dec and sarkozy 8th dec look up the rest

you think only value is modern tech and our modern world?old text in cuneiform and carved into walls in ancient indian temples talk of red mercury http://chemistry.about.com/cs/chemicalweapons/f/blredmercury.htm how would they even know it exists? people say hoax are you sure? just like old drawings of modern and stuff we have not invented yet 3000 + years old sure all just fairy tales that is why there are sites around the world ironically in mostly in conflict zones that could not have been built today tech as they are too precise and heavy to lift. no secrets here move along citizen.