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What I like about the older newscasters and reporters was their ability to ask intelligent questions: Have you actually listened to the stupid questions that our reports of today ask? Want a great example of someone that is barely smart enough to sit up right and breathe without cue cards? That Greta person from Fox. Holy crap. I had forgotten why I don’t watch any broadcast news anymore until I had to endure her moronic comments during the SB thing. At least the other guy (Brit?) was asking decent questions.

Don’t get me started on the CNN and MSNBC crew. I actually heard some reporter in the background (MSNBC) ask about service animals and how they were going to handle them when I was surfing through the stations looking for more information on SB.

The more information that comes out the more I STILL think it was a different crew that shot the place up and then left these two we are seeing on the news to take the fall….. 3 minutes door to door? That was a trained attack to pull that off while staying on task and time.