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The part of the larger societal conversation concerning Muslim immigration that political correctness will not allow to happen is that of assimilation, or the lack thereof. A subtle example is the shooter in San Bernadino, Syed Farook. I read that he is a 3rd generation American, yet his family was still so little assimilated that he was named Syed. Where I grew up there were lots of old Italian immigrants but the sons and grandsons of Giuseppe and Antonio were named Joseph and Anthony, not Giuseppe and Antonio. Where I lived most of my adult life had many old Polish immigrants but the sons and grandsons of Stanislaus were named Stanley, not Stanislaus. The Italians still retained and celebrated their Italian heritage with big church festas each summer and playing bocce at family gatherings Sunday afternoons, but they were fully assimilated in every way that mattered. The local Polish had their polka festivals but again, they fully assimilated in every way that mattered. In these parts the children and grandchildren of Jean and Marie that came down from Quebec are named John and Mary rather than Jean and Marie, again fully assimilated into the mainstream very quickly. Naming the 3rd generation Syed is symbolic of non-assimilation, but talking about non-assimilation is taboo. To do so is racist, so it is not discussed.