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you think this is about religion? that is how they sold the crusades to the stupids, the same reason everyone wanted to hold holy land ….. not about religion it is about knowledge and all the things that brings….

of course there are the “martyrs” the useful idiots as joesph stalin had stated they are there to distract. How come same group same people always show up in conflict? for those of you who have military background how long does it take to get trained infantry few months how long for armor? how long for them to be able to fight effectively and how much support and equipment is required to have an offensive capability against hardened troops? then walk through places like that have stood as dictators for generations in single week? Where to train such people? sure you can train infantry fast but armor? artillery? coordinate to crush enemy formations at will? of course this is just a bunch of muslim rag tag jihadists.. REALLY you think that?