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I hope you’re as pleased as I am. I only occasionally listen to it, but enjoy it when I do. I mostly have it “just in case” of whatever HTF (local power outage, regional power outage, or much worse). By all means, if you’re not sure about antennas, read up on them and learn to orient one, use it properly, etc. You can even “tune” one if you know what frequency range you’re wanting to monitor, but realize that various frequencies change with daylight vs. night time (just like the normal US AM band, for example – otherwise known as “medium wave”). Sometimes 20 meters and 15 meters are great ham frequencies (particularly 20 meters), but sometimes they’re dead. It depends on time of day, solar activity (or not), etc. Learn a little about propagation of radio waves at various frequencies for the “just in case” times.

Enjoy! I hope you end up “wasting” your money (just like I hope I never really “need” my radio either). ;)
It’s like auto or home owners insurance – hopefully a waste of money, but very nice to have “IF.” In the meantime, hope you thoroughly enjoy it.