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Mental health and medications are another HUGE issue that hasn’t yet become the headacheAGREE they are trying every way they can. Thank you on the info “Lautenberg Amendment” will read up on it.

On “Read that post again, and again, until it sinks in – it’s ALREADY HERE, and it’s only a matter of degree. It can be expanded any time they want. So it will not be door-to-door. It will be case-by-case, probably one neighborhood one day, then another city the next, and so forth. And one law or executive order after another – incrementally – until the 2nd Amendment is still part of the Constitution, but has become a museum piece only. That’s not theoretical – that’s going on and has been going on, step by incremental (and hidden-in-plain-sight) step for many years (particularly since 1996).” GS, this door to door or case by case will still run like fire and will be very hard to get away with taking every gun in the U. S. There is close to 500 million weapons, many are underground somewhere. It will start the largest war we have ever seen.

I believe that if they knew they would be able to get away with taking all the guns away this would have happen already. I follow the Oath Keepers for a long time now and they have stopped the government many time. I think you know this. The minute something happens of an over power of the fed the Oath Keepers are there. Read there website for there news https://www.oathkeepers.org/

I know the feds have found that it is not going to be easy, there will be a civil war. Just on black friday there was more then 185,000 gun sales, one day! Way to many for them to round up without civil unrest to happen.

O is crying for more gun control laws because he can’t get them. He doesn’t know what to do and he knows he is running out of time.