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Leopard, while it isn’t all roses here (or is, if you count the thorns among the first-apparent beauty), you’d certainly find us a good bit behind what you’re experiencing there. But assuming it’s not feasible to get here and establish yourself professionally, MountainBiker brings up an interesting point. At least in China one can keep one’s head down, not make too many waves, and live out life. Some are even allowed to prosper. Whites in SA don’t have that option anymore. While it’s a heck of a no-win choice between the Chinese in charge and the blacks in charge (at least the ones that have taken the power), perhaps it would be at least safer (and more productive for educated, proficient SA whites) under the Chinese. Such a very sad situation to have to consider which is the “better” of two evils.

How very sad that the alleged philosophy of that now deceased great thinker, Rodney King, never caught on: “Can’t we all just get along?” (Note: Yes, I’m aware that the actual quote was simply, “Can we all get along?” And for those not in the US, don’t even worry about not understanding the irony – and sarcasm – of that statement. It would take too long to explain. It dates back to the Los Angeles riots of 1992.)