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GS, On “repeal of the 2nd Amendment ” Will not happen. First you need the senate and the house to vote on it and then you have to get 60% of the state governors to sign it and approve it and then the president. We have never have a total control of all by the Democrats, right now I think that there are over 33 or 34 Republican governors and we have the senate and the house. For them to get all four at the same time will not happen since the governors are not up for reelection.

Bill Clinton got the assault weapons ban but was not abble to ban the pre-own assault weapons, not the votes there.
Do not underestimate the power of the NRA with the senate and house. NRA has a long history and have won many wars.

GS, the minute they start going door to door we will have a civil war. At this time there are more then 100 million gun owners and even if a low number of them don’t turn in and go to war(2 to 3%) we are talking about 2 to 3 million men army. Also the minute this starts happening some that were thinking of turning there guns in will turn too. They(government) knows this! If they had any thinking that all of us would be turning in our guns they would have done this years ago. Look at California, New York, and Chicago were they have passed many gun laws including the max of 10 in a magazine. What has happen? No one is lining up to turn in there high cap 30 round mags. PLEASE. I call this Molon Labe at it’s best. The government knows this.

GS, the Attorney General, the new one and the old one are full of talk for the last 7 years and O has tried his executive orders but found out that on gun control it will not work that is why he cries every time there is a shooting for common sense gun laws, which is just another name for gun control. He is got a little more the a year left.

I too love everyone here, but I will hit hard when it comes to freedom, liberty and the U. S. Constitution.

I also believe in my heart that we will be hit hard but we will get back up, we are Americans. The land of the free.

Tolik my friend, we need you here to the end. Freedom we know that sometimes one generation has to pay for the next generation freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed. I know you understand this better then I since your family has been in America for generations. You will teach the young how to defend there freedoms. You will never be to old for that.