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Current trends under “progressive” rule are not good but I think some here are painting an overly dark picture of where we are now. The kinds of govt abuse that some talk of are still very much the exceptions rather than the norm. Virtually all in the US live their lives as they choose and to date at least, live in relative safety. Healthy white Christian men that lean conservative politically legitimately feel under assault by the liberals. I agree with that but I am old enough to remember seeing want ads in the paper specifying whether the jobs were open to women, older people, or minorities. The majority of the US population (older workers, women, minorities, people with disabilities etc) have far more freedoms than they had 50 years ago. A black friend now deceased who had a high level career in military intelligence followed by an excellent career as an electrical engineer told me one day of how when he was a young soldier a restaurant down South wouldn’t serve him when he was in military uniform. To their credit his white soldier friends all got up and left with him. His son is now a Harvard educated JAG officer (attorney for the non-Americans here) in the Army and enjoys rights his father didn’t have.

Yes I know I live in a bubble. I also know that though govt is going down paths that don’t bode well for the country, most of us still enjoy vast freedoms most of the world’s citizens don’t have.