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Hmmmm. I guess you could take comfort knowing that at least some of the Russian troops would likely still be where they are today – busily engaged in eastern Ukraine. Me? I’m hoping the quasi-life expectancy of the US exceeds my own by at least a day. I tremble for my kids and particularly grand and great grand kids – though I suspect it will ALL be wrapped up by then. I just hate what they’ll have to endure before then. Just don’t for a moment interpret my comments to be the equivalent of “I give up and will just let them have their way with me regardless.” Like I said – I subscribe to all THREE lines of the Serenity Prayer. And line-2 items could come at any time, under all kinds of circumstances. I have many line-1 limitations (age and the lack of some skills of some here, for example – though I’m here for learning), so I concentrate on maximizing (and being ready for) my line-2 opportunities, and then do my best not to go crazy in the meantime by keeping line three in mind at all times in my decision making.