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Whirlibird, sadly one cannot look at that page unless one is a Facebook member or at least allows them to track who’s looking at the site (I tried anonymously, and nothing comes up on the screen at all). I’m tracked on plenty enough sites already – this one included, obviously – but Facebook is not one I’ve chosen to share my unique computer credentials or IP address with. Ol’ Mark Z is just in much too tight since 2009 with our friends in NoSuchAgency for my comfort (hat tip to Edward Snowden – love him or hate him – for the attachment).

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(My wife and I were remarking the other day just how prophetic Steppenwolf with “Monster,” Buffalo Springfield with “For What It’s Worth,” and Barry McGuire with “Eve of Destruction,” were all those years ago. For those not from the US or old enough to remember, those were 1960s protest songs that were way ahead of their times while being current AT their times.)