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Freedom, you are a good person. No one here is trying to take you down. I think you at least recognize that there can be interpersonal squabbles from time to time, but we’re brothers and sisters here, regardless of location on this globe. We all come from different circumstances, we all have individual brains that operate roughly the same way but with differences in personality. Some that don’t live in the US sometimes speak (or at least write) better English than those of us that do. And I’d be willing to bet that the majority of multi-lingual people on here, percentage wise, are those living outside the US. Right here, and a few other places like it, are what “diversity” is all about. So this is (or should) not be a battle ground.

With that said, and in that spirit, I want to pose a situation to you, and then ask a question. Suppose the Republicans get to attacking each other SO badly in the coming year that people become fed up, Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders, or riding in on her white horse Elizabeth the-0.000031%-Indian [maybe] Warren) win the White house and help sweep in enough Democratic Socialists to Congress to have a 3/3 majority in the elected branches of government beginning in January 2017. Suppose Congress already has legislation crafted that places so many restrictions on gun ownership that repeal of the 2nd Amendment becomes unnecessary. Suppose they pass it on day-1 of the new Congress in 2017, and President Clinton/Sanders/Warren signs it immediately. You’re then suddenly on the list of restricted people. Mr. White-shirt-and-tie shows up at your door, respectfully rings the door bell, and you open it. You’re shown what appears to be a real court order signed by a judge, and the person presenting it to you shows you ID that convinces you he’s the government official he says he is. And behind him, politely waiting at the curb, is a heavily armed and outfitted swat team, suitable for an ISIS terror cell raid. The official informs you that someone in your home has met one of the criteria for gun confiscation, therefore access to guns in your home is no longer permitted for anyone, and he and his co-workers are there to relieve you of all of your weapons. Perhaps you have some legally purchased weapons, for which background checks were done, so they know about those. But they also have no idea how many other guns you may have inherited from relatives that brought them home from WWII, or from their pre-registration days of ownership, and they passed those down to you. Or perhaps you bought a gun from a friend, or answered a newspaper ad years ago – when you could still find such ads in local papers – and bought a gun (or two, or more) that way. But because your new acquaintances at the door doesn’t know for sure what you (or any family member) might have, they have a search warrant to go along with the gun pickup order.

You’ve got three choices at that point: (1) Slam the door in his face; (2) allow him in to execute the search warrant until they’ve torn apart your entire home; or (3) draw your concealed weapon and waste him on the spot. Option #1 results in his curbside friends doing a very rapid advance and entering anyway, with anyone in your house suddenly liable to exit this life momentarily. Option #2 quickly results in your loss of all those “second amendment rights.” Option #3 results in at least two dead: the official at the door, and you, plus anyone else that might be inside and considered “a threat.”

If you come back with the answer that you and your family have no such possible situations that would result in your disqualification for ownership of legal firearms, think again. Ever heard of the Lautenberg Amendment? Under the cover of darkness (i.e. in the wee hours of the morning during the “budget reconciliation hearings” of the Clinton days, Senator Frank Lautenberg (may his soul rest in everlasting torment) slipped in an amendment that did away with the concept of protection from ex post facto laws (Article 1, Section 9: “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”). Example of “violation” – in 1971 a newly married 21 year old gets into an argument with his wife after being out drinking with his buddies, slaps her once, she calls police, they respond, the officer sees the slap mark on her cheek, and the young, drunk, immature husband is taken to jail. The next morning in Recorders Court he tearfully tells the judge that he is guilty, is terribly sorry, wishes to try to make it up to his wife, and his wife is there to say she forgives him and wants him home. He pays his fine. The judge waives jail time, puts him on six months probation, and he leaves the court. He goes home, promises his wife it will never happen again, begins attending AA faithfully, never drinks again, is a model husband, raises three successful children, and finally retires comfortably with his wife of 40+ years. One of his hobbies in retirement is hunting. That’s when HE gets his knock at the door – 45 years after his stupid incident at age 21, which was a full 25 years PRIOR to enactment of the Lautenberg Amendment. Unconstitutional, you say? Tell it to the courts that have ruled it oh-so-constitutional. Tell it to the successful model police officers, military, and others that – after years of faithful service – were suddenly stripped of their jobs after 1996 because their jobs required the carrying of firearms. Oh – you didn’t hear about all that in the newspapers? That’s not because it wasn’t happening right under the noses of nearly 300 million Americans at that time. Congress and the President can do whatever they want if the courts don’t rule against them – the Constitution be damned. And who’s going to enforce it anyway, if the President, Congress, and the Court won’t abide by it? The military? Dream on….

So there you go: whatcha gonna do when that knock comes on YOUR door? Waste the official? Perhaps many here would applaud principle over practicality, and say “right on!” Perhaps others would say you need to at least be able to be there for your family thereafter, armed or not. But either way, does it really matter at that point? You and what army are going to rebel sufficiently to take back this country to what it was, when you’ve got so many college students that can tell you what actress was just cheated on by her live-in boyfriend, but can’t tell you who the Vice President is, who their senators or representative are, or how many branches of government even exist (let alone such fine points as whether senators were always elected and why or why not, or whether the Constitution even permits the 16th Amendment (Article 1, JUST sections 8 and 9 are oh so interesting when read closely!!!)? Where in the population are you going to find sufficient numbers that were willing to vote Obama in twice (or Bush-II, for that matter), that will see the light when they never learned what that light was even all about in school because it wasn’t taught there, or in their homes? When you’ve only got about 2% of the population that has ever worn the uniform of the US military, tell me where you’re going to get the backing to finally take your stand and start Revolution v2.0?

The fact is, Freedom, what we all know about here in the way of principles of liberty, what’s contained in the Constitution, etc., is entirely unknown to the vast majority of people in the US anymore. Oh sure, they know a few buzz words like “unconstitutional,” and “I know my rights,” and “I’ve got freedom of speech,” and “separation of church and state,” but they throw those terms around and nothing about what they really mean. They’re about as literate in those areas as the people that don’t know the grammatical difference between to, too, and two, or your and you’re, or effect and affect. So the effective fact is that our “rights” are merely on paper anymore. The courts will not uphold them, Congress will not follow them, and the office of President of the United States has become a quasi-dictator through the use of a cell phone and a pen. He controls vast numbers of Executive Branch departments and their agencies, and can issue “them” Executive Orders” to do just about anything he wants done to the citizenry. Others have done it before him, but Barack Hussein Obama has become a master at EOs passing as “laws” that apply to you and me.

Please, please, please don’t lose your idealism. But you need to add in a very significant dose of realism, my friend. Personally, I went through a period of significant anger and degree of depression as I came to realize the state we’re in. I’ve also worked hard at not only memorizing the Serenity Prayer, but far more importantly, learning how to use all three clauses of that philosophy of life. And make sure you understand that I very well understand line 2 of that three line piece of wisdom – “the courage to change the things I can.” But I will say no more on that subject.