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I understand you namelus, but we are still more free then others in Russia, China, South & Central America and Europe were they can’t buy a gun and there constitution doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment.

Yes the left is trying to take the right away but that has been going on since way back. Bill Clinton tried but it didn’t work. We will see what will happen. My point is that to develop a real supper power like America you have to have freedom. Without it all you will be is a dictatorship with all your wealth invested in the military like what happen to Russia and what is now happening to China. In the long run they all fall because they will never have the freedom of the people to think, develop, invent. Without that you end up like Russia with has oil and military weapons as there development.

“if that freedom you can have it YEEE HAAAW that some freedom” We still have the freedom to speech our minds like you are doing right now on this post, can’t do that in China or Russia. You have the freedom of protecting your family and your right. Freedom to arm your self. Were can you do that.

When you keep propping up something you know is wrong you become part of the problem they have won if you consider what you have freedom…. you live in a jail of your mind built by owners you have drank the koolaid in jonestown and there is no hope freedom since you accept your place your boundaries your cell.

You say you have been all over the world well were in the world do you have the freedom to own an AR-15 or AK47 in your home? Were can you post your opinions against the government like we do here? We are still free to build a business and be 100% owner of that business. I have been to many countries in the world.
Yes we have lost some freedoms! But we are still very free here.

namelus, I have one question for you, what country in the world have you gone to that has in every city a gun store? We have Big stores like Dicks Sports, BassPro, Cabelas, and online is crazy big. Our freedoms are very big.

This 2nd Amendment is in there way to take over.

The rest of the world doesn’t like all the freedoms we have.