“The roll-out of Mandarin will be incrementally implemented in schools as follows: Grades 4-9 and 10 will be implemented in January 2016, followed by grade 11 in 2017 and grade 12 in 2018,” said the circular, which bears the signature of the department’s acting director general Paddy Padayachee.

The two-page document closes off by appealing to its recipients to publicise its message: “You are kindly requested to bring the contents of circular S10 of 2015 to the attention of all provincial and district officials, and principals and teachers of both public and independent schools.”

In this question, incremental is an adjective that means increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions. If you are making incremental progress in math, you are moving slowly but steadily forward. Incremental describes regular, measurable movements that are usually small.

There is a story an old black African man told me a few years ago. He said a donkey came to a hut one stormy night and asked the owner if he could just put his head in the door to provide him with shelter from the rain. The owner said there is no space in his hut for the two of them but Yes, he could leave the door open for the night. The donkey worked this way into the hut over days and soon the owner got kicked out the door flying through the air. Landed on his but in big surprise.