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Tonight we went to a large auction fundraiser with another couple, the beneficiary of the auction being the performing arts theater in the nearby “big” town where the event was held. It was a reminder that though many are struggling financially, there are plenty of others with money to burn. Working at the Town Hall I see folks coming in who don’t have the money to pay their property taxes, in some cases just a few hundred dollars on an old worn out trailer. I know others who string several part time jobs together to make ends meet. Then tonight I’m in a theater full of folks bidding on what most people would consider luxuries. For example the folks we went with paid $725 for 6 bottles of wine. Someone else paid $1,700 for the fire dept to cook dinner for 8 at the firehouse and then the 8 go to a show at the theater after dinner. Bear in mind this isn’t NYC where theater tickets or restaurants are particularly expensive. The event was expected to raise $100,000 or so and I don’t doubt but that they did it.

For many the economy has fallen apart. For many others the good times are still rolling.