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There’s no monopoly of inventive brains anywhere in the world. There are major differences in the extent to which intelligence is appreciated and rewarded in various nations, societies communities, and families.

My (admittedly limited) experience in raising four kids of my own and participating in the upbringing of two others, convinces me that any child born without serious disabilities, is potentially genius, but needs to have his/her intelligence recognized and encouraged to become so. Obviously, some societies/families are better at doing so than others. (See the works of Glenn Doman.) Chinese culture encourages and honors learning, as do some other cultures, including parts of US society.

The more a nation rewards poor scholarship and indolence, the higher the percentage of lazy dummies it will produce, and the greater drag on solving its problems will result. I’m convinced that we’ve managed to reach, if not exceed, the balance point, where the sheer weight of the problems equals the “pulling power” of the problem solvers, and not by accident.

BS outsells good sense. Truth is politically incorrect, and lies are mandatory. If there’s a cure, it’ll be through getting ordinary people to learn and think. Possible?

Cry, "Treason!"