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Agree Tolik, Invent is not in the Chinese dictionary. The steal all the technology they have. What will happen to them when the economies of Europe and the U. S. collapses? The Chinese will lose the customer base for what the produce and they lose the countries they steal all the technologies from.

Freedom of the people to invent is everything. In the U. S. and Europe the people invent because they own there inventions. In China the people do not invent because the government will own there inventions and they will not make much. So the people in China do not invent much, It doesn’t mean that the Chinese people are not smart, it’s that they do not have the freedom of owning there inventions to profit on them.

That system will never work. The only reason they have made so much money is it is cheaper to produce the products that are invented in other countries. There are so many examples it would take a long time to list all of them but here are just some,

Microsoft xBox
1,000’s of parts for autos
all other cellphones invented in the U. S. and Japan
All computer parts and chips
all types of appliances invented here and in Japan and Europe
all the TV’s invented in Japan and even South Korea inventions
80% of the hand tools invented in the U. S.
60% of clothing designed in the U. S. & Europe from Nike, UnderArmor, and all other designers which all are designed in other counties and send the designs to China to have them made there cheaper.
80% of shoes Nike is one of the big ones that always designs there shoes in the U. S. or Europe.
Women clothing and accessories all invented in other counties.

And the list goes on and on. China doesn’t invent almost anything.

On your question “the idea you would make it in america how? ” We invent 75% of all the China makes, if the dollar collapses we have only one choice and that is to start making everything here again! Remember my last word in the sentence “Again” because the only reason China is making the products we invent is because it is cheaper to do so but if the dollar collapses then “EVERYTHING WILL BE CHEAPER TO MAKE HERE IN THE U. S. OF A” and then China collapses into the old China again.