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you still dont get it to buy something you need to make something of trade value not just print paper with no backing, USA bashing…. is that what you call someone who points out the flaws…. no honest criticism freedom i have far more exp than you in trade and the eastern mentality… you are just wrong but entitled to your opinion… opinion however does not change actual events commodities and dispositions.

in my home we have similar problems only ours failure will not set off global epidemic/ collapse. Admitting there is a problem is first part of addressing it and getting it fixed denials road to hell paved in good intentions.

ask yourself why would people (imf) allow for this to happen why would people trade in other than dollar a has been for 50 years … then you have answer of why usa is having problems it is just starting…. ignoring the lead into the gold coins like rome did did not save the empire it just made the fall worse.

the idea you would make it in america how? all your factories are moved over seas? the printing revolution? possible but that tech is owned by china.

ask yourself what did henry ford do he made his employees the purchasers of his stuff china can do the same thing all BRIC countries are a mentally and physically tough first generation from poor as dirt is usa the same or do you fight over a toaster on black friday?

It is good to have pride in your country just dont lie to yourself till you are the emperor with no clothes.

China can make it on their own no one nation can anymore but they can do without USA they hold a trillion plus of your debt and dumping how much can you buy for a trillion?https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/balance/c5700.html look at it and be scared this is the trade deficit that started the opium war….. each month USA get weaker/poorer