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China have a middle class making over 50k usd equivalent WHY because they sale Billions to the U. S.
Without the U. S. sales what middle class will China have? ZERO!

paper money
holistic health
toilet paper
the list goes on and on

Not one will make China any money without the U. S. consumer PERIOD!!

Your view is old style the WEST is the power … no longer my friend we are a has been beaten on every level to continue to look at things that way will lead to a tragedy that is force multiplied by flawed view.

Well who will they sell there products to my friend? To the Russians, no real large consumer there. WERE!! only the U. S. consumer uses a t-shirt one time and never uses it again. You use it till it has holes in it so you are not the right consumer for China to make trillions of dollars from. China would collapse. The truth is hard my friend!

Your opinion of “if the usa does not buy their stuff they only have to go to BRIC to sell to over 42 percent of the world population to sell to as a equal…usa who can afford their stuff what little they do make? when even your own population can afford your made in usa who really can?”

The BRIC counries are not the same type of consumers! You guys buy something and then will not buy again the same thing for years. We Americans buy two, three and sometime more and we do not fix anything, we buy new again and again, the best consumers in the world.

Well we are talking about a collapse of the dollar right? If the dollar collapses then we here in the U. S. will start making all that is needed since we will not be able to buy from China, no dollar remember.

We would make all the products that we need just like we use to and we Americans would all have great jobs and China well we would not be able to buy anything from them(remember the dollar collapse) so China would have to EAT THERE PRODUCTS. Collapse of China.

You do not understand. You only think of how much you hate the U. S. But you need to understand that the U. S. is the biggest consumers in the world. China is so big because of the U. S. consumer buying everything they make. UNDERSTAND that. Europe consumers didn’t make China. Europeans think Americans are crazy because we buy so much, bigger cars, clothing(so much we throw it away or give it away) we do not fix any appliances so we throw them away, no were in the world do people do this. We are consumers of products that you can’t find anywhere in the world. This is why China has a problem if the U. S. collapses and they know this.

Sorry my friend but you are wrong on this. I have traveled all over the world, I am 58 years old and since I been in my 20’s I had people like you in other countries tell me that the U. S. dollar was ending. I would tell them well you better be ready because when the dollar collapses your county will collapse too.

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