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ahhh freedom when is last time you looked at more than propoganda? you say no one buying chinese… look around you it all is including many military parts

china a copy only look at the facts usa no longer leads patends


China have a middle class making over 50k usd equivalent


all they need to do is sell to their own like americans have done since time of henry ford.. don’t need usa and the middle class of china has more people than population of usa without the crippling debt of a run away government.


yuan is gold backed no mere fiat currency like usd you can keep looking for more articles if you wish


as for them taking a hit sure they will everyone will but usa will be in weimar germany position only being able to trade with hard items since their dollar worth nothing, will have to trade solid items for subsistence.

things you use everyday that are invented in china

paper money
holistic health
toilet paper
the list goes on and on

as for patents from them they are in everything you touch from your car to your coffee maker your computer ect all parts and pieces that are from chinese patent holders.

Your view is old style the WEST is the power … no longer my friend we are a has been beaten on every level to continue to look at things that way will lead to a tragedy that is force multiplied by flawed view.

if the usa does not buy their stuff they only have to go to BRIC to sell to over 42 percent of the world population to sell to as a equal…usa who can afford their stuff what little they do make? when even your own population can afford your made in usa who really can?