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Said one of those commenting on the article about Mz. Lynch (and the administration of which she is a part):

The most successful sleeper cell in the history of the world.

When you click on L Tecolote’s link, make sure you look at the backdrop behind Lynch, signifying the event at which she was speaking: “Muslim Advocates.” They’re “promoting freedom” for Muslims to live out their Sharia law to its fullest “ & justice ” for those that even use “rhetoric” that “edges towards ” violence.

May that sink in. Deeply.

Then consider the following. A 21 year old first year engineering student at the University of Chicago, posted the following on worldstarhiphop.com:

This is my only warning. At 10 a.m. on Monday mourning (sic) I am going to the campus quad of the University of Chicago. I will be armed with a M-4 Carbine and 2 Desert Eagles all fully loaded. I will execute aproximately (sic) 16 white male students and or staff, which is the same number of time (sic) Mcdonald (sic) was killed. I then will die killing any number of white policemen that I can in the process. This is not a joke. I am to do my part to rid the world of the white devils. I expect you to do the same . . .


U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Cox told Dean’s mother that he will be released to her custody and will be allowed to attend classes on condition that he stays off the internet.


Dean’s mother expressed concern over her son’s future job prospects because of the arrest. … [Meanwhile,] Dean’s uncle Phillip Rutherford told reporters that his nephew was just a “stupid kid” with nothing else to do, adding that it was “just fun and games.”

Separately, both the judge and the supportive family were ably assisted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Tobara Richardson, who —

said that Dean did not have the means to pull off the shooting, which would consist of three guns he did not own, and thus posed no threat to other students.

Hey, Loretta – does the Assistant U.S. Attorney show up anywhere in the organizational chart beneath your name? And what was that about “edges” and “towards violence”? Oh – I’m sorry. Engineer-to-be Dean wasn’t referring to Muslims. Disregard.

I repeat the words of the comment in the other story: “The most successful sleeper cell in the history of the world.” They have completed the destruction of the most hopeful experiment in liberty in the history of the world.