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Also so how much will the ruble and yuan be worth once the dollar collapses? They will lose 50 to 75% of there consumers that buy there products. Do you think they do not know this? They do. China knows this. China doesn’t know what to do when the dollar collapses. That is the real reason for the new system BRICS. Russia and China are trying to find a solution so they do not collapse too! Will it work who knows but they still have one problem! How do they find a large consumer base like the U. S.

Without the large consumer base of the U. S. they collapse too.

China’s middle class is still not big to be the replacement for the U. S. consumer base so a devaluation of the dollar will only make the Chinese devalue the yuan like they have done so many times so the U. S. consumers keep buying there products but every time they devalue the yuan it hurts there economy too.

The thing is this topic has been around for years. The Chinese are the ones in trouble if the U. S. collapses.