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Robin I did have to chuckle at a few of the suggestions but I’m pretty sure your average Joe who has decided to run will have so much adrenaline pumping zig zag will never enter his mind. Carl Lewis will look like a turtle. Like I said earlier this article wasn’t intended to be the be all end all but maybe something you could pass along to someone who is clueless, at least get them to thinking. If it causes people to even do a little research on tactics or just plain wake up it is a start. I think many are in shock right now. The idea that this may be the new norm is starting to sink in. That urban no violence professional who never paid any attention to that kooky prepper stuff might just be starting to see the light. It is a life style they have never considered and have no idea what to do. I just thought the article might be a palatable introduction and at least get the wheels turning.