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Or were Mr. Farook and Ms. Malik set UP, believing they were carrying out the work of radicals, when in fact they were being used? I think this is the first time in my life that I’ve seriously entertained a major operation like this as having been a set up – kind of like a sting, except the subjects of the sting in this case, didn’t get arrested with video tapes for evidence. Instead, they got killed, believing they were doing the will of Allah, or whatever, and that their handlers were really their friends helping to put one over on the Muricans. Bingo! Success! Job well done, the public is all upset and scared even further, and within hours we got treated to a non-stop chorus of “Stop the killing,” and “Strengthen the gun laws!” We’ve even got new sets of statistics that have been held in reserve just for today – THIS day, the day after the deed was done. One mass killing PER DAY in the good ol’ USofA (355 a year).

With a graduate level stats course under my belt, along with years of critical thinking skills being taught in various courses, I just sit and shake my head at what passes for polling data and statistics today. What a load of the most adulterated bovine excrement possible! But heck – people are buyin’ it, left and right.

So I’m quickly coming to believe in a strong possibility that this supposed couple-in-love, dying for their cause, were unknowingly recruited by “our” people, not theirs, and set up in order to pursue the agenda we’re now seeing playing out in the media. I don’t really care who accuses me of tinfoil hat mentality anymore. Anybody that doesn’t at least consider the possibility of such a scenario, even if they later throw it out, is too closed minded for my tastes (or interest). This one really smells to me – it just feels too manufactured. Heck, ISIS didn’t even claim it – all they did was congratulate them.

I agree with L Tecolote – I think the various alphabet and non-alphabet agencies knew exactly what was going on – even if it really was an Islamist group behind it (not counting the one in the White House). I just think it was “beautifully” (technical standpoint only – not moral) carried out by the same people that store their information a bit south of the Great Salt Lake.