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So, where was the All-Seeing-Eye, All-Hearing-Ear, All-Sniffing-Nose of the NSA (aka, Big Bother) while all the Farook Family Fun plans were being hatched? Allegedly, the CONgress, upon earning that all its embarrassing secrets had already been gathered and catalogued by NoSuchAgency, conceded them authority to spy on everyone on the planet because If they could see and hear everything anyone ever said to anyone else, and every book anyone ever read, they could then protect us from kook attacks like the one in Berdoo. Were they asleep at the keyboard, did they just choose to let this one slide, or did someone tell them to shut up?

I know. The answer is, it worked just fine — nobody whose life mattered was ever in danger. Right, Hussein?

Cry, "Treason!"