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There is 0% chance that this was anything other than Islamic terrorism. Workplace violence always involves an angry wacko. Their spouses do not join them in the action. This was planned ….

Right! This jihadi op had to be in the planning stages for quite a while: pipe bomb IEDs, armor, multiple weapons & lots of ammo, accompanied by his wife (despite the media trying to portray this as merely a guy getting teed off at something he overheard at the Christmas party, and deciding, spur-of-the-moment, to take revenge.)

Did he radicalize her? Or did she radicalize him? After all, he’s the guy who had the job for several years without incident. Then, he goes overseas, “falls in love,” brings her back on Zero’s newly-created fiancee visa, and a year later, they go Bonnie and Jihad.

The fedgov just announced new orders for all military branches. Women are to be included in all special forces operations — GI Jane to the max! Well, if our women are presumed warriors, aren’t theirs?

Cry, "Treason!"