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At this point political correctness is such that if 9/11 were to occur again, the White House and their minions in the media would offer up “international” terrorism as just one of many possibilities. They’d then push the possibility that it was a workplace violence (an angry pilot) or perhaps just a mechanical failure that caused those planes to fly into the buildings, it being just an odd coincidence that two planes suffered the same malfunction. Out of that would come speculation that white anti-govt militias sabotaged the planes. Following the obligatory “religion of peace” speech, we’d get another gun control speech even though it was planes rather than guns.

There is 0% chance that this was anything other than Islamic terrorism. Workplace violence always involves an angry wacko. Their spouses do not join them in the action. This was planned and for a jihadi a room full of mostly Christians having a holiday luncheon makes for a good target.