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Exactly, MB. I find that predictably curious too. (More “workplace violence” about to be declared?) But I also note the MASSIVE inundation this morning on the TV (ALL networks) of “gun violence” and “gun laws” and “Congress’ inaction,” and the “powerful NRA,” ad nauseam. The only thing that is certain is that whatever it is, Rahm Emanuel is on top of it! “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Another “perfect” (as THEY see it) opportunity to advance their agenda. They just leave out the inconvenient ones, like the whole city of Chicago, or the New Orleans park shootings, because that’s a different agenda, and they KNOW that no amount of gun laws will stop those anyway – any more than Australia stopped the crazy from murdering an apparently random police employee a month or so ago. So we won’t highlight anything pertaining to one particular race if it would hurt THAT agenda – we’ll just wait for any other opportunity to push the other agenda: “gun laws!

And if this is Islamic terrorism, we can still all watch it be minimized in favor of “GUN LAWS!!!” (Thank you, Major Hasan and your good buddy – your Commander in Chief.)

Frankly, my impossible fantasy (and I’m hangin’ on to it!) is to see the tide shift and make almost all of these point to just one theme too – just not the current one. My ideal theme is Barack Hussein Obama, his handlers, and all his teammates in Congress, because in a sense, it doesn’t matter whether it’s black gang related in Chicago or New Orleans, Islamic terrorism, or even if some right wing stuff starts popping up (I’m actually surprised, but relieved, that it hasn’t) – prosecute those, but focus on a “leader” that is stoking hatred and violence, and undermining what used to be a constitutional republic. Yeah, I know – fat chance. The media would never allow such a focus. And I’ll continue to have my sweet but unrealized dreams none the less, while some here take a shot at me for an out of context statement about somebody’s name. (Yeah, I’m p____d about that!)