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So what does that mean? [Syed Farook] I personally know someone with a name I’d post here just as an example, except I won’t put a real person’s name on line obviously. This person has a name that ANY of us would immediately identify as “probably from the Middle East or thereabouts.” Problem is, the person has a northern European descended mother (multiple generations in the US), and a dual-citizen father that happens to be nominally Muslim of Arab descent. I don’t know the person well, nor the person’s father (though I’ve interacted multiple times with him over many years and have no concerns about him whatsoever). But I know the mother very well, and similarly have no concerns about her loyalties or intentions. Yet the adult child LOOKS Arab, has an Arabic name, and is even multi-lingual (totally fluent in English without an accent, and a version of Arabic that I’m told is quite passable). So – I have no idea what it means that one suspect has the name “Syed Farook.” Is that media hype jumping to conclusions? Pure rumor? Purposely fed information? Real (i.e. true)? And even if that last, so what?

What troubles me more is how this story IS being controlled, with the language, specifics (or lack thereof), etc. Oh, sure, LE needs to be cautious with what they disclose in any investigation. I get that, and appreciate that very much. But like others, I have yet to hear the word “Islamic” used even once. It has become glaringly absent. And as soon as I began hearing even the suggestion of “domestic terrorism,” I thought back to the Senate militia hearings back in 1995. The “militia” and “right wing extremists” are being set up, I fear. Since the list of characteristics of “potential right wing extremist domestic terrorists” includes elements of many of our own lives, that’s us, folks. SSDD (same stuff, different day) This comes just too conveniently after a string of domestic shootings and the President’s almost constant droning on and on about “climate change” and “gun laws.”

One of the first things I said to my wife tonight was, “I hope this turns out to be Islamic terrorism, plain and simple,” or something meaning the same thing. Not that I want that on my home turf, but I even less want law-abiding, conservative America to get fingered yet again. The fact that “we” may well have a half billion guns (based on the number of background checks ever done), and the exceptionally low number of times all those guns have been used for illegal purposes, doesn’t matter – it’s the disarmament agenda, plain and simple. And darn, I hope my paranoia is fully in play here and that I’m wrong! The alternative is much worse.