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Better be careful, Robin. In the media, that would be described as a “weapons cache” or “arsenal” or some such language, particularly if you had enough rounds to supply a good day’s shooting at the range or out in the back 40 if you’ve got significant acreage. I’m always amazed when I see “news” stories in which “authorities found a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition,” and they show a short video or photo that has perhaps an AR-15, a shotgun, a deer rifle, a couple of handguns or so, and enough ammunition to take care of many trips to the range without having to be constantly buying more ammo (plus enough to stock up due to expected higher prices). A few thousand rounds on the “news” is made to sound like somebody’s ready to mow down all the kids in three large school buildings, and then all the employees in the local government buildings. Those that aren’t gun owners, or those that just have a little .32 with a box of “shells” can’t comprehend why a normal, non-violent person might have more than 50-100 rounds of ammunition in the house. Anything with four digits is made to sound downright scary. And multiple weapons – particularly more than one of each type? Oh, you MUST be fixin’ to go commit an unthinkable crime! LOL! Just think how your “arsenal” would be displayed on TV – they wouldn’t describe them as “.22s for plinking,” or 410s, but “multiple rifles and multiple shotguns, with large quantities of ammunition.” Simply amazing…. (But good for you ANYWAY!) :)