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I had to go down to MA today and listened to much of this on the Sirius radio, switching back and forth between Fox and CNN each time they’d start repeating themselves. It was obvious that CNN had their marching orders on how to spin things, and to be honest Fox wasn’t a whole lot better. Though they keep saying we don’t have the facts yet as to what happened, the speculation and “expert” opinions pretty much all were trying to spin it as probably an anti-govt. militia operation rather than “international terrorism”. Apparently the term Islamic terrorism is not to be spoken with the new term now being international terrorism. Amongst the logic offered was the fact that this was a govt facility makes it much more likely to an anti-govt. militia, the shooters being in military style gear looks more like domestic terrorists, that they escaped is not a hallmark of international terrorism. The “no indication that this could be terrorism” comments were beyond bizarre. The other not so subtle thing is that every mass shooting example today’s shooting was being compared to were domestic crazies. Not a single comparison was being made to any of the jihadi shoot ‘em ups such as at Ft Hood or that recruiting station. They were working really hard to keep Islamis jihadis out of the conversation. That the Islamics and/or Islamic supporters are controlling the major media to this extent is terrifying.